Volunteer Anti-Litter Campaign

Serving Greater New Bedford Since 2006

Our vision is for a clean and healthy environment for the community, now and for generations to come

In the last 16 years, over 7800 volunteers from all segments of the community have participated in neighborhood cleanups.  These dedicated volunteers performed close to 26,000 hours of community service and cleaned over 87 tons of trash from many miles of New Bedford neighborhood streets.

Contest Alert!

Name our whale!

We need your help in naming the adorable whale featured in our logo! As environmental advocates, we believe every creature, big or small, deserves a fitting name. That’s where you come in! Join us in this fun and creative endeavor as we seek the perfect name for our beloved mascot.


Education is a key component of Operation Clean Sweep.  By creating awareness through classroom presentations, OCS Team members have reached out to over 3000 students in New Bedford. We ask the students to think about their trash and how to dispose of it properly.  We encourage everyone to recycle and NOT Litter.


 Operation Clean Sweep organizes a series of cleanups throughout the city from April – September. It is only possible with the help of hundreds of civic minded volunteers and the support of City Services and neighborhood businesses. we are creating a cleaner, prouder New Bedford.


Advocacy of litter laws is a very important component of Operation Clean Sweep. Because of this awareness of the raising anti – litter campaign, city officials have heard the people of New Bedford and are working to improve the enforcement structure, with regard to litter and improper disposal of trash.

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Have you considered sponsoring Operation Clean Sweep Volunteer Tee Shirts?  It’s an easy way to show the community that you care. The cost is just $250 to support this community effort.

Operation Clean Sweep

Our mission is to raise awareness and educate people about the far reaching negative effects of litter and trash on our environment.



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